Ancient Milky Way Eruption Still Shines Bright

*Ancient eruption at the heart of the Milky Way still shines bright millions of years later
About 3.5 million years ago, the supermassive black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy unleashed an enormous burst of energy, lighting up the surrounding space.
*OSIRIS-Rex asteroid sample collection set for October 20
NASA has set October 20 as the date when the OSIRIS-Rex spacecraft will manoeuvre down to the rugged boulder strewn surface of the asteroid Bennu and attempt to collect a sample of the ancient space rock for return to Earth.
*Annular solar eclipse sweeps across Africa and Asia
People across parts of Africa, Asia and the Pacific have been treated to a spectacular annular solar eclipse timed to coincide with the June solstice.
*China launches more spy satellites
China is continuing its push to launch a massive fleet of spy satellites designed to provide continuous coverage of the Earth’s surface. The latest flight takes Beijing’s current constellation of Earth observation satellites to over 90. 
*The Science Report
COVID-19 contagion suggests it may spread like a seasonal respiratory disease.
Climate change making wet seasons wetter and dry seasons even drier.
New clues about why astronauts suffer head congestion during spaceflight.
Growing concerns as more people go for homemade pet foods. 
Can a psychic help you get through these difficult COVID-19 times.
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