A Warp in the Milky Way Galaxy

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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 23 Episode 22

*A warp in the Milky Way Galaxy

A new study suggests that a warp in the disk of the Milky Way galaxy is probably caused by an ongoing collision with another galaxy.

YouTube URL: https://spacetimewithstuartgary.tumblr.com/post/611539485078044672  

YouTube URL: https://spacetimewithstuartgary.tumblr.com/post/611516576367312896  


*Mars 2020 rover officially named Perseverance

NASA’s Mars 2020 rover has been officially named Perseverance.


*Lagrange mission to provide solar warning

The European Space Agency is planning a new mission to provide early warning of geomagnetic storms – or space weather events heading towards Earth.

YouTube URL: https://spacetimewithstuartgary.tumblr.com/post/190822846573 


*Last flight of the original SpaceX Dragon

SpaceX has launched its 20th and final Dragon cargo ship in its original configuration to the International Space Station.

YouTube URL: https://spacetimewithstuartgary.tumblr.com/post/611990154798891008 


*The Science Report

COVID-19 Chinese coronavirus fatality risk factors.

New links between early menopause and later health problems.

Social media and smartphone use linked to mental health issues among young people.

Microbes found on space station not considered harm full.

Scientists observe a new state of matter.


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