New type of object discovered at the galactic centre

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*New type of object discovered at the galactic centre

Astronomers have discovered four bizarre objects near the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy.


*Tatooine like world discovered

NASA’s TESS spacecraft has discovered its first circumbinary exo-planet.


*New instrument to weigh planets

A new instrument designed to measure the masses of exoplanets has received first light at the Kitt Peak National Observatory in Arizona.


*Solar wind is slowing beyond Pluto

New measurements by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft has confirmed earlier data showing that the solar wind – the supersonic stream of charged particles emitted by the Sun – slows down the further away it gets.


*China to undertake 50 rocket launches in 2020

China says it will undertake up to fifty rocket launches this year – dramatically upping the anti from the 34 launches it carried out in 2019.


*New Chinese sounding rocket test flight

Meanwhile, the private Chinese company Space Trek has launched its Tansuo-1 commercial suborbital carrier rocket on a test flight.


*The Science Report

Warnings that ice shelves in the eastern Antarctic Peninsula may have been predisposed to collapse.

One of the world’s largest fish has gone extinct due to overfishing and dam construction in China.

New clues about the cause of autism.

Finding out about the genetic history of the Cassowary.

Claims drinking tea at least three times a week could help you live longer.

True confessions of a phone in astrologer.


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