Could the Milky Way Have Two Supermassive Black Holes?

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*Could the Milky Way have two supermassive black holes?

Astronomers are trying to discover if the supermassive black hole at the centre of our galaxy might have a smaller companion.


*Solar Cycle 25 strengthens its grip

The Sun is showing more signs of moving into a new solar cycle.


*Starliner returns safely to Earth

After failing to reach the International Space Station on its maiden space test flight, Boeing’s new CST100 Starliner returned to Earth making a perfect pin point landing at the White Sands Missile Range in the New Mexico Desert.



*NASA says its new SLS super heavy lift launch system is ready for flight

The core stage of NASA’s new super heavy lift rocket – the SLS – or Space Launch System -- has finally been completed in preparation of its maiden flight – possibly in June.


*Ring of fire solar eclipse

The Gulf, India and eastern Asia have experienced an annular boxing day eclipse.


*The Science Report

A special New Year’s Day look back at some of the strangest, weirdest, and most unusual science stories of 2019.


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