Space Junk - Hybrid Rockets and the Space Sector (with Nick McLean, Gilmour Space, and Guest Host Luke Pringle, Cherrybrook Technology High School)

On today's episode of the “Space Junk” podcast, guest host Luke Pringle interviews Gilmour Space Propulsion Engineer Nick McLean (pronounced like John McClane) about hybrid rockets and how to get a job in the Space industry.

Luke is a 16-year-old year-10 student from Cherrybrook Technology High School who has been doing Work Experience with The Space Junk Podcast. Luke is studying engineering, physics, and textile design, and would one day like to work in the space industry as an astronaut or maybe an astronautical engineer. It’s been an awesome experience having Luke join my week in a virtual format, and I’d encourage anyone out there who does something cool to consider offering virtual work experience to a young person during this challenging time. Luke picked the guest and the topic, and hosted, edited and produced this episode.

Nick McLean is a propulsion engineer who works for Gilmour Space Technologies, a leading venture-funded Australian space company headquartered in Queensland, Australia that is developing new hybrid-engine rockets and associated technology to support the development of a low-cost space launch vehicle.

Together Nick and Luke discuss what a hybrid engine is and the advantages of hybrid engines over normal solid and liquid engines. Additionally, they discuss how to get into the space sector and what traits are looked for in budding engineers and scientists.

Also during the recording, a bird outside Nick's window was determined on interrupting the recording session and being in on the action during the podcast. Welcome to Australia.

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