🚀 Sounds of Mars: Planetary Scientist Naomi Murdoch Unveils Martian Mysteries

Join us in this episode of Space Cafe as Markus Mooslechner talks with University Toulouse astrophysicist Naomi Murdoch about the fascinating sonic environment of Mars. As a planetary scientist and space engineer, Murdoch provides an in-depth look at the sounds recorded by the Perseverance rover and what they tell us about the Red Planet. From the first audio recordings on Mars to the insights gained about Martian wind and dust devils, Murdoch's discussion offers a profound understanding of Mars' unique acoustic landscape.


3 Memorable Quotes by Naomi Murdoch: 

  1. "Capturing the sounds of Mars is like opening a new window onto the Red Planet, one that lets us hear the Martian atmosphere in a way we've never experienced before."
  2. "The Martian environment presents a symphony of sounds that are not just noise but valuable data that teaches us about the planet's atmosphere and surface."
  3. "Listening to the dust devils on Mars with our microphone was a stroke of luck, offering us a real-time auditory experience of these intriguing atmospheric phenomena."

List of All Links or Names Shared:

  • Naomi Murdoch: Naomi Murdoch is a researcher at ISAE-SUPAERO and part of the Space Systems for Planetary Applications (SSPA) team​​​​​​​​. A professional page detailing her research can be found on the ISAE-SUPAERO website.
  • Perseverance Rover: The official NASA page for the Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover, which details its mission to seek signs of ancient life and collect samples on Mars, can be found on the NASA Mars Exploration website​​.
  • ESA’s Hera Mission: The official page for the European Space Agency's Hera mission, which examines the first test of asteroid deflection, is available on the ESA website​​.
  • Sound recordings from Mars: Information about the sounds captured by NASA’s Perseverance Rover, including an interactive experience on how sounds from Earth would change on Mars, can be explored on the NASA Mars Audio Recordings page​​​​. Additionally, in-depth details about the recordings and their analysis are presented in articles on NASA's website​​​​​​ and have been discussed in a scientific publication in Nature​​​​. Phys.org also provides insights on how the first audio recordings on Mars revealed two speeds of sound and their implications on the Phys.org website​​.


Choice of Music for the Spotify Playlist for the Aspiring Space Traveler: For the Spotify playlist, Naomi Murdoch has chosen: Soul Meets Body by Death Cab for Cutie

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