🚀 Planetary Defense: How to save earth from asteroid disaster and the winding road to success with HERA mission principal investigator Patrick Michel

In this riveting episode, Dr. Patrick Michel, dives deep into the intricacies of planetary defense, asteroid research missions, the essence of teamwork, and the life lessons he’s garnered over the years.

➡️ The undeniable importance of collaboration in overcoming space-related adversities.

➡️ Lessons from the HERA mission: Turning setbacks into steppingstones.

➡️ Patrick’s insights on success, the winding path of scientific research, and the unpredictability of major breakthroughs.

Dr. Patrick Michel stands out as not just a space aficionado but also an accomplished researcher and writer. His vast experiences span from groundbreaking space missions to modeling the solar system, and from crafting influential publications to sharing inspirational stories that reshape our understanding of space and life.

Listeners will derive invaluable insights on determination in the face of challenges, the pivotal role of teamwork in addressing multifaceted problems, and the undying human spirit that remains luminous amidst the expansive cosmos.

Noteworthy Quote:

"In space, as in life, it's not just about reaching your destination. It's about the journey, the people you share it with, and the lessons you learn along the way." - Dr. Patrick Michel

“The more assumptions you need, the more risk you take” - Dr. Patrick Michel

“My message is to tell the young generation, it's okay to fail. What's not okay is to think that because you fail, you are not able of anything. When you fail, you learn from your failure, you are better, you improve.” - Dr. Patrick Michel


Resources discussed in the episode:

·      📘 Patrick's latest book: "À la rencontre des astéroïdes, mission spatiale". [Link]

·      🎶 Inspiring space traveler's playlist on Spotify. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/47P7oLrueWMvhYGxcerIw6?si=13fd2dcab7b34bb9

·      🎶Patrick’s pick for the Playlist: Tunnel of Love, Dire Straits  https://open.spotify.com/intl-de/track/4ZSDreApKOo6eQYFx9qXfD?si=2816034d8bdc4a96

·      🎸 Brian May, the Queen's guitarist, stereo space imagery. https://brianmay.com/brian-news/2022/10/stereoscopy-is-good-for-you-life-in-3d-exhibition/

Embark on this stellar voyage with us and quench your curiosity about the universe and beyond! 🌌🌠


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