🚀 From CubeSats to Life's Curveballs: Tyvak’s Margherita Cardi Unpacks the Unscripted Lessons of ESA’s HERA Mission.

Join us in this inspiring episode of Space Cafe as Markus Mooslechner chats with Margherita Cardi, whose role in the HERA mission to build the Milani CubeSat as the Vice President of Programs at Turin-based Tyvak underscores the essence of adaptability in both space missions and daily life. They discuss the value of flexibility amidst meticulous planning, the beauty of life's unpredictability, and the power of music in capturing life's dynamic nature. Cardi's insights shine a light on the balance between structure and spontaneity, offering a unique perspective enriched by her experience with ESA's ambitious asteroid deflection project.

3 Memorable Quotes by Margaritha Cardi:
  1. "Once you get this lesson and once you get this instrument, it's something that now is yours. Nobody will ever throw it away from you. It's like your signature."
  2. "I have to plan. But even when I plan, I have to give the chance to life and the surroundings and other people to play their role. And I have to play with that."
  3. "Life is easier in this way, if you accept that. Before I was mentally exhausted about thinking about all the variables. Now, with the wisdom gained from HERA, I see the beauty in the unforeseen."
List of All Links or Names Shared:

·      Margherita Cardi: LinkedIn1​.

·      ESA's HERA Mission: official ESA page2​.

·      NASA's Andy Rivkin: Johns Hopkins University Hub3​.

·      DART – Double Asteroid Redirection Test: official NASA page4​.

·      American Band Korn (Specific song referenced: "It's On"): YouTube5​.

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