EPISODE 58 Erik Wernquist, the man behind the space video hit Wanderers on YouTube

Erik Wernquist, the man behind the space video hit "Wanderers" on YouTube

When he uploaded his 3:51 minute vision of humanity in space to Youtube, Erik didn't realize the way it would change his life and, according to the comments, the lives of many others. In the latest edition of the Space Cafe Podcast, Erik talks candidly about the aftermath, why he doesn't think humans should settle permanently on Mars, why Cassini still brings tears to his eyes, and why he proposed Carbon Based Lifeforms’ track 42 as the first entry into the brand new Space Cafe Podcast Guest Tunes playlist.

Host: Markus Mooslechner

Guest: Erik Wernquist

Publisher: Torsten Kriening


Space Cafe Podcast Guest Tunes

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