EPISODE 049: Urs Ganse, refreshing nerd talk about all things space you may never have heard about.

Deep in a forest in Finland, miles from the nearest settlement, Urs Ganse lives in a cabin by a lake. Urs is a plasma physicist. He doesn't need much. An Internet connection to the nearest supercomputer is all he asks for. That's how people work up there in the north. After work, at night, when Urs still has some time, he writes manuals about building spaceships, or he meets with like-minded people in an ancient corner of the Internet, where some of the strangest and most unknown information about space travel is collected. For example: how to fly an old Russian Soyuz capsule. But that's just the beginning.


Host: Markus Mooslechner: Markus Mooslechner


Guest: Urs Ganse

Urs Ganse

The Spacefarer's Handbook: Science and Life Beyond Earth


Publisher: Torsten Kriening: https://www.linkedin.com/in/torsten-kriening-68456/



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