EP83 🚀 Kim Arcand – Unraveling the Universe, Data Storyteller @ NASA

In this episode Markus engages with Kim Arcand, a premier data storyteller at NASA. They delve into the fascinating realm of data, space exploration, artificial intelligence, and the less explored domain of space sound.

Key Topics:

🔹 The artistry of data storytelling in astronomy and the significance of coding and numbers 

🔹 Deciphering and interpreting astronomical data 

🔹 NASA's Chandra Observatory: Unraveling its data and its pivotal role in x-ray astronomy 

🔹 The critical role of different types of light in comprehending the universe 

🔹 The exploration of space sound as an overlooked aspect of space study 

🔹 The exciting crossroads of AI and space science and its potential

3 Memorable Moments to Share:

➡️ "Astronomy today is largely numerical; it operates on coding, it operates on numbers."

➡️ "95% of the universe consists of dark energy and dark matter, which we can't even really see." 

➡️ "You can convert it into sound, you can convert it into a haptic response. You can work with a 3D print. There are all these other ways of knowing."

Sources and Links:

🔹 Kim Arcand

🔹 NASA's Chandra Observatory

🔹 Information on Space Sounds

Host: Markus Mooslechner

Guest:  Kim Arcand

Published by: Torsten Kriening

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