EP 86 🚀 Guillermo Soehnlein: From Titan Tragedy to Venus – The Audacious Journeys of Ocean Gate's Original Co-founder

In this riveting episode, Markus welcomes Guillermo Soehnlein, the audacious visionary who, beyond his original co-founding role at the tragically ill-fated Ocean Gate company responsible for the Titan submersible, now sets his eyes on Venus. They delve deep into the audacious dreams and groundbreaking innovations that are navigating the unforgiving frontiers of space and ocean exploration, paving the way for a new era of discovery.


Key Topics:

🔹 The audacity of colonizing Venus: Guillermo's groundbreaking project

🔹 Comparing the challenges of deep-sea exploration and space colonization

🔹 Guillermo's history with Ocean Gate and his ties to the Titan submersible crisis

🔹 Discussing the tragedy of the Titan submersible and the loss of Stockton Rush

🔹 The current state of Europe as a continent of innovation


3 Memorable Quotes:

➡️ "Venus, not Mars, that's our future. It's not the easier choice, but it may be the necessary one."

➡️ "The depths of the ocean and the vastness of space, they both hold the same allure for me."

➡️ "I lost a friend in the Titan crisis, but it's tragedies like these that underscore the importance of what we're trying to achieve."


Sources and Links:

🔹 Guillermo Soehnlein

🔹 Ocean Gate

🔹 Humans2Venus

🔹 Spotify Playlist for Space Cafe Podcast

🔹 Guillermo's Song Choice: Hotel California


Host: Markus Mooslechner

Published by: Torsten Kriening

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