EP 85 🚀 Aaron Kemmer – Exploring Novel Ways of Building Structures in Space Beyond the Obvious, CEO & Co-founder @ Made In Space & Max Space.

In this episode, Markus welcomes Aaron Kemmer, the ambitious CEO and co-founder of multiple ventures such as Magic, Made In Space and Max Space. They delve into the transformative realm of in-space manufacturing, discussing how advances in technology and innovative solutions are changing the face of space exploration and development.


Key Topics:

🔹 The founding and vision of Max Space: Fostering innovation in in-space manufacturing

🔹 The crucial role of 3D printing technology in expanding space capabilities

🔹 Pioneering new markets and accelerating the growth of orbital infrastructure

🔹 Addressing and overcoming challenges in the field of in-space manufacturing

🔹 The significance of strategic planning, program development, and systems management in achieving goals

🔹 The impact and future possibilities of in-space manufacturing


3 Memorable Quotes:

➡️ "The magic of in-space manufacturing is that it enables us to transcend the constraints of Earth-bound production."

➡️ "Our ultimate goal is to fundamentally transform how we operate in space."

➡️ "Being acknowledged by Forbes in the '30 under 30' list and nominated for a World Technology Award affirms our innovative approach to space manufacturing."


Sources and Links:

🔹 Aaron Kemmer: https://www.aaronkemmer.com/

🔹 Made In Space: https://www.aaronkemmer.com/

🔹 "3D Printing in Space: Enabling New Markets and Accelerating the Growth of Orbital Infrastructure": https://ssi.org/2010/SM14-proceedings/3D-Printing-in-Space-Enabling-New-Markets-Made-In-Space-Inc.pdf

🔹 Spotify Playlist for Future Space Traveller: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/47P7oLrueWMvhYGxcerIw6?si=0a4e295abf564ef9

🔹 Aaron's Song Choice: "Hit Me Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears


Host: Markus Mooslechner

Published by: Torsten Kriening

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