EP84 🚀 Barbara Belvisi – Cultivating Life Beyond Our Planet, CEO & Founder @ Interstellar Lab

In this episode, Markus hosts a fascinating conversation with Barbara Belvisi, the visionary CEO and founder of Interstellar Lab. They delve into the innovative world of bio-regenerative life support systems, space exploration, and the promise of becoming a multi-planetary species.


Key Topics:

🔹 The mission and vision of Interstellar Lab: Building closed ecological systems

🔹 The importance of sustainable farming for life in space and on Earth

🔹 Understanding BioPod: A sustainable farming module for space

🔹 Technological challenges and solutions in bio-regenerative life support systems

🔹 The intersection of sustainability, technology, and space exploration

🔹 The importance of preserving life beyond Earth


3 Memorable Moments to Share:

➡️ "Our vision is to build a backup of Earth somewhere else."

➡️ "When I started Interstellar, I started from the ground. I started from Earth. The objective was to preserve life."

➡️ "I think it's going to help when we're going to go back to the moon and we'll see again the Earth from space."


Sources and Links:

🔹 Barbara Belvisi: https://www.linkedin.com/in/barbarabelvisi/

🔹 Interstellar Lab: https://www.interstellarlab.earth/

🔹 BioPod: https://www.interstellarlab.earth/

🔹 Spotify Playlist for Future Space Traveller: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/47P7oLrueWMvhYGxcerIw6?si=0a4e295abf564ef9

🔹 Barbaras Song Choice: https://open.spotify.com/intl-de/track/4WmB04GBqS4xPMYN9dHgBw?si=ecd4cfe87d174320


Host: Markus Mooslechner

Guest: Barbara Belvisi

Published by: Torsten Kriening

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