Ep. 186- Reflections on the Season, Part 2


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  • Intro Music- 0:00

  • Intro- 0:55

  • Kevin McGee- 2:33

  • Dave Champ- 23:18

  • Dave Lee- 34:25

  • Will Dawe of Saints Archive + Big Announcement- 46:33

  • End Credits- 1:14:31

This week we are back with more conversation about last season. We’ll follow roughly the same format with one major difference. In addition to talking about moments and players that stood out over the last 11 months, I/we have a major announcement. Will, the Saints Archive, and I are teaming up to help make sure the “Total Recall” segment of Total Saints Podcast continues. After speaking with Ben from TSP and working it out with Will, it’s an honor to be able to partner with the Archive and help make sure the interviews and reflections keep going.

So, enjoy the show, let us know what you think, follow the guests below and thanks as always for your support!

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That's it for this week. Back to school.

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