Let’s Talk Intentions

Hey Soul Sisters and Brothers!

This is a prerecorded episode since Julia is enjoying life over in Bali. Now you might understand why we're talking about February and Valentine's day haha. Anyways, this doesn't make this episode's topic any less interesting or important. We talk about setting intentions and what that means to us. The idea was to do this at the beginning of the year so that we could talk through 2019, but better late then ever right? We could easily talk about this topic for hours, but here's a short version of all of our thoughts packed into 40 minutes. 

Let this be the beginning of us being in charge and creating a life we love. 2019 is going to be magical!

Things we mentioned in this episode:

Floating in Kallio at FLOAT KALLIO. 

The Secret - watch the documentary on Netflix or read the book.

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