Why Politicians Lie

This week, someone in the 2016 campaign did something crazy and unprecedented. And for once, it's not something that reality-television star Donald Trump did. I mean, okay, he offered up his fair share of deep weirdness, don't get me wrong, but for once, he was bested in the arena of inexplicableness by his rival Ted Cruz, who...named Carly Fiorina as his running mate. Did he vet Fiorina? Does he understand that he's not winning the nomination? Is his campaign now just an act of live action role-playing? We'll try to figure this out.

Meanwhile, you may have noticed that in American politics, a lot of people lie. You may have also noticed that a lot of people get caught lying, and yet somehow retain the public status to simply continue lying. It's almost as if lying were an industry unto itself right? Well, joining us this week to confirm this thesis is Ari Rabin-Havt, fellow at People For The American Way and author of a new book, Lies Incorporated: the World of Post-Truth politics.

Finally, the lead...

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