Where's The Accountability?

This week's podcast seems to have a common theme: accountability. In the biggest political news story of the week, the FBI has concluded their investigation into the matter of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's email server, and have decided no indictment is in order. But the report from FBI head James Comey was nevertheless quite scathing. It's a black cloud that could hang over Clinton's presidential candidacy, but the black cloud hanging over our politics seems to be that political elites just seem to get off easier than the rest of us.

Meanwhile, in the biggest international story of the week, after an exhaustive inquest officials in the UK have released the Chilcot Report -- an epic length documentation of their nation's involvement in the Iraq War, and a damning one at that, cataloguing the bad intelligence that drew Britain into the conflict and the poor planning that occurred afterwards. It's a report that could well impact the United Kingdom's already fraught politics, but beyond the...

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