What's Next For Bernie?

This week, we are taking a look at the possibility -- THE POSSIBILITY! -- that maybe -- MAYBE -- Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is not going to win the Democratic primary. We know how difficult this prospect is for some people to face. We are being gentle. But as it is one, of many possibilities, we're going to ponder what's next for the movement he's engendered and the issues they've elucidated in the event that Sanders' revolution has to start somewhere other than the Oval Office. MTV News' Ana Marie Cox joins us in discussion.

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama traveled to Saudi Arabia to meet with our best frenemies in the war on terror. Our diplomatic relationship with the Kingdom, which is awkward on its best days, has been considerably strained of late, and adding to the tension is a bipartisan bill in the Senate, supported by both Democratic candidates, that would allow victims of terrorist attacks to sue states that sponsor terrorism. It's a bill Obama has threated to veto, and its very existence...

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