War On Terror Worries, Super Tuesday Woes, And An Interview With Comedian Anthony Atamaniuk

This week, we had a Tuesday that some would say was far more super than most other Tuesdays, as voters in eleven states took to the polls to weigh in on who should be the presidential nominees. But beyond the winners and losers, what we learned from Super Tuesday is that big realignments are afoot for both the Republicans and the Democrats.

Meanwhile, we put a spotlight on the War on Terror this week. Joining us is Amal Alderat, whose father and brother, both Libyan-American businessmen, were detained by the United Arab Emirates in 2014, jailed, and brutally tortured. Our big question: Why are two Americans being tortured by a US ally, and what does this portend for our ongoing strategy in Libya?

Finally, we welcome comedian Anthony Atamaniuk who has been touring the country with James Adomian as the two men offer the nation their take on a Trump vs. Bernie debate. We'll talk about what inspired Tony to take up the task of imitating Donald Trump, and his very real fears of a Trump presidency.

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