Twitter Wars: Elizabeth Warren Takes Down Donald Trump

This week, as Donald Trump celebrated winning the GOP nomination, he also earned himself a new antagonist -- Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. After spending the bulk of the primary season cautiously straddling the line between the candidacies of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, Warren has gone on the attack against the reality-television host, and has rattled him in ways that the Clinton campaign has not. Is it time for Clinton to name her as her running mate? We'll make the argument.

Meanwhile, we have some beyond the Beltway stories for you this week. In the Commonwealth of Virginia, Governor Terry McAuliffe has given hundreds of thousands of ex-felons who have paid their debt to society the opportunity to vote. But Republicans in Virginia are suing to reverse McAuliffe's executive order. It's all touched off a mad dash to get people registered. We'll take a look at that effort and the partisan lines that have been drawn.

In addition, every year, scores of people come to the United States...

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