Trump Reads Fake Version Of Own Speech

President Donald Trump read what he pretended was an excerpt of his own speech this week in order to claim he'd been wrongly criticized, except he omitted the part that caused all the criticism. You know, the part in which he excused white supremacists for domestic terrorism in Charlottesville.

Journalist and former NFL veteran Donte Stallworth joined "So That Happaned," the HuffPost Politics podcast, to talk Trump and also the phenomenon of NFL players refusing to stand for the national anthem. In light of our head of state's friendliness with Nazis and the KKK, is there any reason to think football players won't continue to bend the knee? And why hasn't an NFL team signed Colin Kaepernick?

Also, Trump finally a new Afghanistan policy of... more war. But how much more? We asked foreign policy correspondent Jessica Schulberg to explain what might happen and why.

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