Trump's Alienation Act, Sen. Chris Murphy On Gun Violence, And A Warren-Biden Showdown!

This week, the shocking murder of two television journalists in Virginia forced us to confront the fact that America only seems to be good at producing mass shooting tragedies. Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy joins us to see whether Congress has finally reached the point of attempting to solve this problem. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is doing everything he can to alienate every last Latino voter. Will his flamboyant hostility accrue to the eventual GOP nominee? Joining us is NPR's Latino USA digital media director Julio Ricardo Varela to answer just that. Finally, as Joe Biden mulls getting into the 2016 race, he's taking meetings with Sen. Elizabeth Warren. We’ll take a trip down memory lane to 2005 when Biden and Warren sat on opposite sides of a bankruptcy bill that would change the game for Main Street. Plus we about stock market swings and the battle to defend ancient culture from ISIS!

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