The Long Intertwined History Of Politics And Protests

This week, we are going long on the politics of protest and the short term legacies of movements that have become an essential part of the public discourse. First up, we welcome journalist and author Sarah Jaffe to the program to discuss her forthcoming book, "Necessary Trouble: Americans In Revolt," which documents everything she has learned about the various protest movements that have emerged in post-crash America after spending years in the field with them.

Meanwhile, we are marking the two-year anniversary of the killing of Michael Brown and the protest movement that emerged shortly thereafter, to consider what effect they've had in changing the conversation on the criminal justice system in Ferguson, Baltimore, and beyond.

Finally, we are pleased to welcome Zephyr Teachout back to the show, now officially the Democratic party nominee for the House of Representatives in New York's 19th district. After a long career in taking on big issues like government corruption and economic justice, we'll ask...

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