The Crisis Facing America's Public Higher Education

This week, joining us in the studio we have documentary filmmaker Steve Mims, whose latest movie, "Starving The Beast," details an ongoing crisis in public higher education. After decades of funding cuts, our great public universities are finding themselves increasingly vulnerable to the whims of agenda-setting politicians and post-crash "disruptors" who are angling to redefine these universities' missions and curricula -- leaving them as shadows of their former selves. The movie is coming soon to a theater near you, hopefully it gets there before the emergency it describes.

Meanwhile, are capitalism and democracy headed for some kind of nasty break-up? That's the provocative contention of influential British economist Martin Wolf, who recently took to the pages of the Economist to suggest that the pace of globalization may be pushing us to make a choice. Given the state of our politics, where cash rules everything around us, it could be that this choice is already being made for us.

Finally, they say...

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