Surviving The Politics of Thanksgiving, Playing The Trump Card, And Reclaiming Black Friday!

This week, it's Thanksgiving, and we've got a diverse array of guests around our table. Here to join us to talk about his biennial budgeting reform proposal, Wisconsin Representative Reed Ribble. And giving us a lesson in how to get along with everyone at Thanksgiving dinner is the host of the Brouhaha podcast, our pal Ana Marie Cox. Meanwhile, by the time you hear this, it will be Black Friday. Do you remember when Black Friday didn't use to start on Thanksgiving Day? We'll talk about the backlash that's beginning to brew behind the retail industry's most evil invention.Finally, it's becoming more and more clear that Donald Trump intends to make angry, racist, lying the centerpiece of his campaign. Now, a group of Republicans have ordered the Code Red, forming one of those shady dark money organizations just to stop Trump. But what if RNC's Chair Reince Priebus' worst fear is realized, and Trump runs as a third party candidate?

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