Supreme Court Battle, 2016 Madness, And The Black Vote Is Up For Grabs

This week, the passing of Supreme Court Justice has created yet another opportunity for a gigantic political meltdown between President Barack Obama and his opponents in the Senate, as well as a new round of talking points for candidates on the campaign trail. We'll explain where battle lines have been drawn and what's likely to happen next.

Meanwhile, our guest this week is Maryland State Senator and law professor Jamie Raskin, who's gotten into the crowded Democratic primary to replace Representative Chris Van Hollen in Maryland's 8th District. He'll make his case for why he belongs getting the nomination over some well funded, but less experienced opponents.

Finally, we've been talking on this show about the dangers to the economy posed by Too Big To Fail banks, and we have some good news to report: our overwhelmingly sound arguments have convinced former bailout czar and current president of the Minneapolis Fed Neel Kashkari to join us. This was pretty unexpected, but now we're gonna gloat.

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