So You Survived The Primaries, Brace Yourself For The Next 5 Months Of The Presidential Race

This week, the primary season finally came to a merciful, and historic end, with Hillary Clinton reeling off series of decisive primary victories one day after the AP reported that she'd earn the backing of a sufficient number of superdelegates to take her to the nomination. Now comes the tricky part: Clinton has to forge a path forward in a way that integrates the durable legacy left behind by her opponent, Bernie Sanders. We'll commemorate the beginning of what will be a very interesting challenge for the Democratic standardbearer.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the docket, Donald Trump has found his own support with Republican elites eroding badly, days after he'd earned the endorsement of House Speaker Paul Ryan. Trump's problem may be the fact that the general election season brings a higher intensity of scrutiny than he's ever faced in his career. But Trump's saving grace may be the fact that with so much to scrutinize, how will any of it stick. Maybe too much of a bad thing is a good...

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