Sorry, Party Unity Is Clinton's Job

This week, a fracas at the Nevada state Democratic convention in Las Vegas has rent divisions between the Hillary and Bernie camps newly asunder, leading the media to speculate about whether Sanders will ever be able to unify the party again. But what if this media narrative has it overrated? What if they've got it backwards? Wouldn't be the first time!

Meanwhile, Congress is taking their best shot at dealing with multiple crises at the moment. Up on Capitol Hill, legislators are proceeding in relatively swift and bipartisan fashion to address America's opiate addiction crisis, optimistic that they'll have a law signed soon. Joining us to talk about these goings on is Wisconsin Representative Reid Ribble. Shaping up more slowly is Congress' response to the Puerto Rico debt crisis. The island territory could miss a two billion dollar payment in July, creating the dire need for a loan restructuring plan before the problem deepens. Our own Laura Barron-Lopez has been covering this story from San Juan to...

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