So Christmas Happened: We Watch Movies, Celebrate The CFPB, And Unwrap A Gift From Janet Yellen!

This week, it's Christmas, and we're celebrating the holidays by talking about our favorite Christmas movies, and adding a lot of silly economic and political wonkery. What do our Christmas entertainments teach us about our life and times? Let's find out. Meanwhile, in America, you can't have Christmas without also having a war on Christmas. So how did this year's war go? Here to discuss everything from blood red Starbucks cups to the Lifetime Channel's quick shots of false Yuletide hope is comedy writer and reporter Katla McGlynn. Finally, you know what the best gift we received all year was? A government agency not shot through with grotesque regulatory capture. Our pal Alexis Goldstein joins us to discuss what a mitzvah the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has been.

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