Obama 'Bans The Box', Latinos Get No (GOP) Respect, And Ben Carson’s Pyramid Scheme!

This week, the GOP candidates, furious at the rough treatment they received at the hands of CNBC, rebelled against the debate process. The first casualty of all this nonsense was a debate scheduled to take place on Telemundo. It's just one of a series of slights suffered by the Latino community so far this election cycle. Meanwhile, if you've ever applied for a job, you've seen the box on the application, asking you to detail any history of criminal conviction. This week, President Obama ordered Federal agencies to remove that from their forms, joining a growing, bipartisan movement to "ban the box.”Finally, the 2015 election is over and in Kentucky the big loser wasn't Democratic Gubernatorial nominee Jack Conway -- though he did lose. Rather, it was the thousands of poor Kentuckians who now might lose their health insurance as a result of Republican Matt Bevin's ascension. Will this finally be the moment Democrats realize that they are functionally dead as a party at state-level? Probably not!

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