Lets Talk About The Clinton Foundation

This week, we have got the latest storm and stress from the 2016 presidential race. The Associated Press rocked the Clinton campaign's world after they released a report detailing new concerns about the Clinton Foundation, alleging that foundation donors got better access and treatment from Hillary Clinton's State Department. Clinton's defenders have pointed to the fact that the AP failed to prove any evidence of quid pro quo. We're here to remind you that this is exactly what a defender of the Supreme Court's Citizen United decision would say.

Over in the Trump campaign, they are working hard at the pivot they've promised to make for months, and the most interesting thing that's emerged is that on the reality-television host's signature issue -- his draconian approach to immigration -- Trump no longer seems to know what he either believes or says. Did Donald Trump mean it when he said his Republican rivals were soft on immigration? And if so, why does he suddenly seem to prefer the immigration policies...

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