Jeff Sessions Is A Great Attorney General... For Trump To Poop On

Donald Trump rose to power thanks in large part to his fame from having done a TV game show in which he ceremoniously "fired" contestants. Candidate Trump vowed to shake up Washington with this hard-hearted business persona, and yet faced with an attorney general he seems to want to fire, Trump can't do it. Bok bok!

Republicans in the U.S. Senate are on the verge of finally repealing Obamacare, but they're not sure if they really want to go through with it after seven years of promises. The Intercept's Ryan Grim explains why they might chicken out. Bok bok bok!

Then: Democrats rebranded their agenda as "A Better Deal." HuffPost's Daniel Marans explains what's in the deal and why Democrats' usual critics are surprisingly pleased.

Finally, HuffPost White House correspondent S.V. Date joins us to explain why Trump wants to fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions and why he's afraid to follow through.

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