GOP Cowers As Trump Towers, More Hillary Skepticism, And Congress Gets Omni-Busted!

This week, Donald Trump said some crazy stuff -- but what does it matter? How to solve a problem like Donald Trump? We've got guests who'll do their best to answer just that including Wisconsin Republican Congressman Rep. Reid Ribble (R-Wisc), and writer and podcaster Ana Marie Cox. Meanwhile, Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders seem to want to have a serious debate over the future of the Democratic party. So why doesn't the Democratic party want anyone to watch? Can Clinton's plan to rein in Wall Street immunize her against the charges that she's under their thumb. Also: Martin O'Malley will be there.
Finally, Congress needs to pass an omnibus funding bill to keep the government from shutting down -- again. Last time we did this, some big banks used the leverage to make off with some of your money and paid no price for the extortion. So guess what's happening this time, just guess!

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