Gloves Off For Hillary And Bernie

This week, Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton took to the debate stage in Brooklyn, in what might be the final debate of the Democratic primary. The setting is key: New York State has loomed as a delegate-heavy prize to the two candidates, both of whom claim the state as their own turf. We will deliver a full after-action report of the proceedings.

Meanwhile, we bring you the best in bank dorkery. We're joined by progressive Democrat and U.S. House of Representatives candidate Zephyr Teachout, who is channeling FDR with her plan to break up big cable monopolies. And speaking of breaking things up, Alexis Goldstein of Americans for Financial reform is here to discuss the frightening new announcement from the Federal Reserve that five big U.S. banks are officially too big to fail. Dum-dum-dum.

Finally, in previous podcasts, Wisconsin Representative and friend of the podcast Reid Ribble has announced that he'll be retiring after this term. But before he goes, he wants to sidle up to...

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