Food Stamps, Obama And Warren Team Up And The Invisible 2016 Primary

This week, the Republican-led House Agriculture Committee began what they termed as a "top to bottom" review of the federal food stamp program. In a surprising twist, however, the Committee's new management struck a soft and empathetic tone towards a government program they'd previously demonized.

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama and Senator Elizabeth Warren are teaming up on a plan to bring more security to retirees by making it harder for fly-by-night financial advisors to screw their clients for their own personal gain. But why did dozens of Democrats sign a letter, opposing this idea?

Finally, the 2016 invisible primary continues, and the big winner this week, we are told, is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. We'll explain why so many people are telling us that. We'll also remind you that it is February of 2015, because sometimes it seems we forget that.

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