Flint's Water Emergency, A Trump Fan Explains Trump Fandom, Omnibus, And #GOPDebate!

This week, the Mayor of Flint, Michigan declared a state of emergency over the amount of lead that's been in the city's drinking water. But why did it take so long? Joining us to talk about it is the woman who's been beating the drum about this emergency for months, Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha. Meanwhile, for months, political observers have been struggling to understand what it is about Donald Trump that has made him so appealing. Well, for once we're going right to the source -- a self-professed Trump admirer who appreciates the Donald's message -- even if he's not yet ready to actually cast a vote for him. Finally, we got debates! The GOP candidates met out in Las Vegas to talk National Security this week. We'll break down who helped their own cause, and who's headed for the exits. Also, there's another Democratic debate coming up…on a Saturday night. Do the Democrats even want people to watch?

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