Flint Fights For Accountability, Mississippi Fights Payday Lenders, Bernie and Hillary Fight Too

This week, the 2016 campaign went to New Hampshire for the Granite State's first in the nation primaries, and after all the hoopla, we ended up with the blowout wins for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders that the polls predicted.

Meanwhile, payday lenders are scammy, terrible scourge on this earth, preying on the poor in order to profit from consuming their incomes in a cycle of indebtedness. But in the state of Mississippi, there's new hope for everyone who'd like to see these predators brought to heel.

Finally, we circle back to another big story -- the Flint lead-water crisis. This time we're talking about something positive: specifically how Flint's residents and local activists may actually achieve something that's been lacking in other similar lead water crises around the country -- namely, accountability.

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