Donald Trump and Paul Ryan: A Flailing Bromance

This week, GOP nominee Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan sat down for a meeting that the media has been hyping as something on the level of the Yalta Conference, if the Yalta Conference was about domesticating an insane, doll-handed white supremacist. But unifying the party won't be easy: there remains a subset of conservatives that's not given up on stopping Trump's ascension. Joining to talk about what the "NeverTrump" movement plans to do is one of its chief organizers, Republican consultant Liz Mair.

Meanwhile, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory's quest to demonize transgendered residents of the Tar Heel state has entered a new stage, in which the Federal government threatens to withhold federal money from the state on the grounds that they've enshrined unconstitutional discrimination as a state practice, and the state answers back with a legal claim of their own. Who is suing who and why and how and good lord why is any of this happening and has everyone forgotten it's 2016 and we're all...

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