Does The Aetna Merger Have Obamacare On Its Deathbed?

This week, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump opted to shake-up his campaign for what seems like the twenty-third time. Paul Manafort, who was the campaign's manager -- and who was thought to be a force toward professionalizing the wayward effort -- is out. His replacement, Steve Bannon of Breitbart News, heralds a shift toward allowing Trump to fully fly his freak flag. Hopefully this is amusing to the aliens who watch over us.

Meanwhile, in an effort to contend more substantively with Trump, we're going to wade into what's turning out to be a hot media debate -- are his followers fueled by racial animus, or by economic anxiety? And to that end, we have a rather interesting interview for you, with Republican lobbyist who thinks that a Clinton presidency would be much better for the GOP than a Trump presidency. This lobbyist wishes to remain anonymous, for obvious reasons, so you'll get to enjoy our first foray into digital voice alteration!

Finally, we turn to Obamacare, which faced some bad...

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