Another GOP Debate, One Last State Of The Union, A Glass-Steagall Redux, And A Hillary-Bernie Brawl

So, that happened. Another GOP debate is in the books, as the remnants of the Establishment do battle to preserve their bid against the firebrands currently dominating the race. And what of those two firebrands? Will Donald Trump successfully paint Ted Cruz as...Canadian? Your Huffington Post team is in full effect with post-debate analysis

Meanwhile, as a wise man once said, every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. Or something. The point is, President Barack Obama delivered his final State Of The Union this week, and like all States of the Union, it was mostly pageantry. What's the point of these things anyway? We'll talk to one camera shy member of Congress, our pal Wisconsin Representative Reid Ribble, about what these addresses are like when you're in the midst of them.

Finally, here's a phrase you might have heard if you'd been tuning in to the Democratic debates: "reinstall Glass Steagall." Is this some home repair tip, where you take your plastic Steagal out and put in a glass...

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