#WTFCongress?! Jeb Files A Colbert Report, And #TBT Hillary: Bring Child "Superpredators" To Heel

This week Congress is set to return from Labor Day weekend, and once again we find ourselves staring down the prospect of government shutdown. Connecticut Representative Rosa DeLauro joins us to explain the next coming chapter of political dysfunction. Meanwhile, it's starting to look more and more as if the Iran deal is here to stay. But just because the deal is nearly done, that doesn't mean opponents have any plan to retreat. We discuss the shape of Iran hawkery to come. Finally, if you listen to some of the public pronouncements of several Democratic presidential candidates, you'll hear many talk a good game about criminal justice reform. What you won't hear is any reckoning of the ghosts of votes pasts and the actions that have spurred the need for reform in the first place. We say: Not so fast you guys.

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