#PapalChase2015, Walker Drops Out, and Rocker Ted Leo Has 2016 Advice!

This week, Pope Francis comes to the United States, driving around in his Fiat, paying President Obama a visit, and taking his act to a joint session of Congress for a round of grand-master level thought leadering. Much of the focus in the lead up to his DC visit concerned what he's had to say on the environment and immigration. We'll talk about what he said to lawmakers, and the extent to which he might change people's minds on those issues.
Meanwhile, politicians just want to rock! But what happens when the artists that write and perform their favorite songs find out that their work is being played at political rallies? In the case of some Republican presidential hopefuls, it has not been ending well. Joining us to offer his perspective is musician and songwriter Ted Leo. Finally, one person who won't have to worry about the songs being played at his political rallies anymore is Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) who this week announced that he was quitting the presidential race after 70 days. We ask what...

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