#DemDebate Takes, The Future Of Cold Beer, And Dude Where’s My Drone!

This week, the Intercept published new information on our drone assassination program, gleaned from a trove of secret documents, which include new details on how targets are selected, and how well we do at hitting those targets. Also, the Democratic candidates for president have had their first primary debate of the season. Now that we've had time to reflect on it, we're going to confront our own conventional wisdom and see if what we said that night still stands up. Who won the debate? It may have been someone that never appeared on the stage—it’s not Joe Biden. Finally, the manufacturers of Miller and the makers of Budweiser have agreed to a merger that would create the biggest beer company in the world. But is bigger best, or even better? Rep. Pete DeFazio (D-OR) joins us to roll out the barrel on behalf of America's small brewers.

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