Susan Humphries Bridges the Ditch

New Zealand/Australian champion Susan Humphries talks about the importance of mentors in her development as a player, the pleasure of being part of the worldwide bridge community and her addiction to the game, as well as shares her top tip for developing players. But first, we kibitz!

How to play Strip Jack Naked/Beggar My Neighbour

How to play Up & Down the River

Susan's favorite bridge books:

-Any of the Test your…. (defensive play, declarer play), by Hugh Kelsey

-Dormer on Deduction by Albert Dormer 

-Master of Bridge Psychology: Inside the remarkable mind of Peter Fredin by Jeppe Juhl with Peter Fredin 

("though I think that book should come with a warning 'don’t try this at home' ... some of the stuff he comes up with is so spectacular, but I’m sure if I tried it it would be a complete fail")

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