Boye Brogeland Crusades for Ethics ... and the Mandarin Kitchen Splinter

Norwegian champion Boye Brogeland reveals his strategy for getting in the mood (for bridge), talks about the imperative to do what's right, and shares his top tip for developing players. But first, we kibitz!

Here's Boye's BridgeWinners profile:

Boye is the Editor of Bridge in Norway

Norwegian TV made a great documentary about Boye ... rent it here:

Boye's 'winning bridge' songs:

In 2008 when we won the European Championships in Pau in France, I listened a lot to James Blunt and especially remember playing “Shine on” every morning in the shower, so I make that:

#1 Shine On (James Blunt)

Both in 2017 (Spingold win) and 2018 (second European win) I listended a lot to “Nordnorsk julesalme” (Trygve Lie / performed by Maria Haukaas Mittet and Oslo Gospel Choir), which is a Norwegian hymn (“North Norwegian Christmas hymn” directly translated) and “When we were young” by Adele. So:

#2 Nordnorsk julesalme (performed by Maria Haukaas Mittet and Oslo Gospel Choir)

#3 When we were young (Adele)

The Killers is another band I have listened quite a bit too, and this is one I fancy:

#4 All these things that I’ve done (The Killers)

During Covid time with only Internet bridge I have “warmed up” listening to a young Norwegian artist, Maria Petra, who has a nice voice:

#5 Lonely (Maria Petra)

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