Sophisticated Property Investing : Episode 012 (An interview with Royce: 7 deals in 9 months due to proper business planning)

The Sophisticated Property Investing podcast from Ethical Property Partners is a deep dive into property investing using sophisticated strategies including no money left in and no money down. Whether you’re an experienced investor, just starting out, or somewhere in-between, our podcast will help you to learn new strategies to use in your property investment business. We cover investment strategies for residential and commercial property in detail and interview successful property investors who are using these strategies in real-life. The Sophisticated Property Investing podcast will help you to build your knowledge to use when investing for your own property portfolio and help you to increase your income using new strategies. 


On this episode, we hear from Royce again.  He and his wife Ella were traditional property investors, until they met Frank and started Sophisticated investment with Ethical Property Partners, 18 months ago.  Since then, they have invested in 12 additional properties and Royce has quit the day job, and they put it all down to proper business planning. 

You'll hear about his story and how you can take YOUR investing to the next level.


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