The Tehran UFO Incident

On episode 168 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, we are heading to Iran. In 1976, strange lights were being sighted over the city of Tehran. After dozens of reports, the Iranian Air Force sent up several fighter jets to investigate. General Parvis Jafari would attempt to identify the lights, soon discovering it was much more than just lights in the sky. He would soon be involved in one of the most tense standoffs with a UFO ever reported, and the subsequent investigation that would include the Iranian Air Force, the United States Air Force, the DIA, CIA, and NSA. What exactly was seen in the skies that day, and why did it seem that the United States wanted control of the entire investigation? This is the extraordinary story of the Tehran UFO Incident.

Voiceover talent provided by Roman Alec Trevino and Conor J. Nolan

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Episode edited by Jane Palomera Moore

Opening Theme Song, "Ephemeral Reign" by Per Kiilstofte

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