The Needles UFO Crash with the UFO Bros

On episode 183 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, Ryan is joined by the real-life UFO Bros, Emmet and Joe. In this special crossover episode, the bros share some of their favorite moments from their UFO investigations and they introduce us to the little-known 2008 UFO crash in Needles, CA. After a craft came down near the Colorado River, helicopters began swarming the area. Soon, military rushed in to the small town, accompanied by unmarked vehicles with mysterious men in black suits asking questions of the witnesses. Emmet and Joe tell us about their boots-on-the-ground investigation many years later that yielded physical evidence that they dug up and had analyzed. The results were very interesting. The UFO Bros then turn the tables on Ryan and interview him as well. It's a fun, fast-paced conversation with the UFO Bros that most certainly won't be the last!

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Episode edited by Jane Palomera Moore

Opening Theme Song, "Ephemeral Reign" by Per Kiilstofte

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