Mysteries of Puerto Rico

On episode 208 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, we take a trip to the island of Puerto Rico. There are areas throughout the world that are known for UFOs, ghosts, strange creatures, or paranormal events. But on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, its small towns, cities, and forests harbor all of these, and beyond. With a rich history and cultural diversity unlike any other, Puerto Rico takes pride in its legends and mysteries. From unexplained disappearances in El Yunque Rainforest to tales of lost spirits, lost civilizations, strange creatures, and dramatic UFO events in the skies and in the waters surrounding the island. Puerto Rico native, Yami Gonzalez, takes us on a journey through her family's local stories. Then, paranormal investigator, and star of Ghost Hunters International, Susan Slaughter, walks us through her terrifying experiences investigating El Morro Fortress and the Teatro Tapia. Cristina Hernadez of the Espooky Tales podcast also shares terrifying tales from the Puente de las Calabazas bridge. UFO researcher, Jorge Martin recalls fighter jet pursuits of triangular UFOs, crashes of unknown craft, and a possible extraterrestrial connection with the legendary Chupacabra. Lastly, could the recent discovery of unexplained stone carvings change the entire history of the indigenous Taíno people of Puerto Rico? This is only a portion of what's uncovered in this very special episode of Somewhere in the Skies, highlighting a very special place not only in the Caribbean or United States, but the entire world. These are the many mysteries of Puerto Rico.

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This episode was researched and co-written by Jane Palomera Moore 

Special thanks to: Mayda Belen whose incredible voice you heard singing the Puerto Rico National Anthem. Thanks also to Seahaven Maritime Academy, The New York Times,, New Insights TV, The Cryptid Chat Podcast, and the Espooky Tales Podcast. Special thanks to Jorge Martin, Yami Gonzalez, Cristina Hernandez, Susan Slaughter, Nick Redfern, Susan Parry and Andrew Sanford.

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